Monday, January 6, 2014

The inner me, the outer me.

It took me a year and a half to take off 36 pounds. Most of my loss was in the second half of 2012 and I maintained my weight for quite a bit of 2013. The second half of 2013 was a doozy though. 
We had a LOT to deal with and I put on a few pounds in September and October...and then in November, I put on ELEVEN pounds. Eleven pounds in a month. 
After a LOT of getting into my own head and getting out of my own way, I think I have managed to pull myself part of the way onto the track that I want to be on. 
The inner me is still waiting for my insurance card so I can go see a doctor about getting some help with my depression. 

I am slowly getting my nutrition back on track, I am trying to remember portion size at each meal. It sounds silly to me to say that I forget, but I think I get caught up in eating and I don't think about it...especially at night. If I am going to have a downfall, it is usually dinnertime. 
I ended the holiday season with gaining 2 pounds; this wouldn't be a terrible thing except that puts my gain up to 20 pounds this year....not even this year, since September. 

The outer me has been very busy with all the holiday gatherings and general hoopla. I haven't been getting much exercise per se, but I have been very busy and feeling very worn out. I haven't been home with my family in several years and am not used to all the excitement, so its been a bit taxing...but in a good way! 
I finally bit the bullet and bought a pair of boots so I can go walk outside in the wintertime...unfortunately, we were just dumped on with about 14 inches of snow and the temp today was -50 with the wind chill! 
So needless to say, I will be waiting for the temp to get back up to above zero, lol! 
The roads have been terrible as well, the plows weren't able to keep up so walking on the roads is out of the question and the sidewalks are buried with not only the snowfall, but also what was plowed off of the roads. 

I am also still waiting for my work schedule, its really frustrating to know that I have a job but don't have a clue of when I will be starting! Patience is NOT my strong suit! 
The good news is that I will definitely be more active once I start. My sister will be giving me a ride to the bus in the mornings while it is so cold out and I will either get a ride home from her or take a cab, but once it warms up a know ABOVE 0, I can walk the mile to the bus stop and home. 

Since I am being nice to myself and trying to only take one day at a, I am doing ok and feeling pretty hopeful.