Friday, December 6, 2013

Eating sharks does NOT prevent cancer! Go figure!!!!

I came across THIS news article today and was astounded by some of the comments.  (I am helpless against reading the comment section!)
As per usual, there were people who agreed with the article, there were those who picked at the grammar and spelling, the religious people voiced their opinions, and then the conspiracy theorists showed up!

I rarely leave comments on articles and it is even more rare that I reply directly to someone's comments, and then this gem showed up....
"who can say that these so called researchers are not giving these animals this cancer 
to scare people and keep them from eating shark fin soup. and direct them to get the super expensive cancer drugs that only rich people can afford some people eats shark cause they like it and others because they think they'll get a health benefit ."
I couldn't NOT reply!

I had a couple of angelfish in my had a tumor on its lip and the other did not, I had both of these fish from the time they were tiny and I can assure you that I did not give my fish cancer.

Some people may like the taste of shark soup, but its not the people who utilize the entire animal that are decimating the species.
I am not sure which species of shark is primarily used in soup, all I can find is 'various types'  So I used the blacktip shark for reference....
Average weight is around 40 pounds for a mature animal.  This is including the jaw and organs, which are also able to be utilized.
If I went to the store and bought a 40 pound fish, lets assume that 25 pounds of that is meat, that comes to 400 ounces.  
My fiancee and I eat maybe 5 ounces of protein per meal.  
This would put us at 80-ish meal per shark.

80 or more meals per entire animal used versus a pot of shark fin soup....You do the math and see which would decimate a species.

Not everyone is out to get you.

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