Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Grocery Store Wars!

Quick!  Everyone don the colors of YOUR favorite store and cheer your heart out! 

My mission:  to get a
LOT of one certain product from a single grocery store...108 to be exact.
Went to the new fancy schmancy super Walmart and they had exactly 1/2 of the amount I needed, so I went to the nearest person with a smiley on her badge and politely explained what I was looking for...she just sat there shaking her head at me...no..no..no...I asked if they by chance had any more in the back....she is still shaking her head. 
Finally, I asked in my best customer voice...
'Please, kind lady, might you be able to check for me?  For I am a desperate customer who happens to enjoy shopping in your place of business and would like to continue to do so.'
Finally she checked and no, they were completely out...so I asked if it could be ordered, she said "yes" and nothing more...so I inquired as to when this shipment might arrive and save my day, to which she replied 'I dunno'. 

At this point I'm getting a bit irked...I've been standing here watching her shake her head at me for about 10 minutes so I said in my sweetest voice....
'FINE, I WILL JUST GO TO FOOD WORLD (or whatever its called now)!'  Yes, that is its full name since it was bought by another chain that I can never remember the name of.  

I christen thee 'Food-world-or-whatever-its-called-now'!
Poof! I’m out the door and down the road!

I walk in and low and behold they have exactly the number of said item that I need plus one extra!
HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!
or whatever you do to celebrate, celebrate away....

I hugged the manager on duty and begged her forgiveness for me going to Walmart first on that accursed day.  She waved her magic wand and I was held in awe as she proclaimed 'Yes, I will watch over you and yours and order this product for you each and every time you need it'

Hallelujah!!!!  I heard birds singing and little children playing outside, the sun broke through the clouds!

Seriously folks, I'm not slamming on ALL Walmart employees, just one bad apple...but if you wanna be the new big fish in the little pond...and you wanna start a Grocery Store War....if you can't accommodate your consumer, at least be nice about it.

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